à propos d'Yagyu(About Yagyu)

Yagyu Village (柳生の里) is located east side of Nara Prefecture. It is the home land of Yagyu clan and Yagyu Shinkage Ryu. There are many buildings and spots which are related with Yagyu clan, including their graves, the school, and ruins of houses. At Hotokuzenji Temple, there is a museum which exhibits many swords, armers, certificate and other items of Yagyu Shinkage Ryu. Especially, the sword record of Yagyu Jubei is a excellent book for all Yagyu fans.
Muneyoshi Sekishusai Yagyu demonstrated Mutou dori(offensive tactics without sword) to Ieyasu Tokugawa and served him asan instructor of the art of war later.

Munenori Tajimanokami Yagyu became a feudal lord with 12,500 koku (volume of rice) at his peak period and also worked as an important post of Ohmetsuke or inspector-general.


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